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5.Jim Kelly(non-registered)
Erica and "COMPANY" ..lol....when you told me that you "loved the wedding site and the wedding itself" I knew that you would get some really good shots - I just didn't appreciate how good they would be....so many that I really want - I called lauren and Jason and asked for a loan!!!...LOL.....while watching you do your job I couldn't help but notice how much you smiled, knowing you were loving your work as you directed and moved , doing your best to record the special day, and knowing that you were going to capture all those special moments..... you did an amazing job!...in my much younger days, I did a lot of photography, including dark room and wedding work, so I really understand and aprreciate what it takes to not only take the picture, but to compose it...your talent really shows in shots like Lauren in the trees, with you shooting through branches and using the depth of field so only Laurne is in focus...thank you so much doing such a great job of giving us thes memories in pictures!
4.Terry Cleary(non-registered)
Everybody and everything looked BEAUTIFUL ! Congtatulations!
Stunning photos!
2.Kathleen Landry
Great photos and so hard to choose!!!!!
1.Jed Tocci(non-registered)
Great shots!!!
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